Most of our customers are provided with a two-box broadband solution, a primary fibre router which is typically installed in a utility cupboard, and a wireless access point which will usually be installed in the living room. 

The primary fibre router is responsible for the connection that comes into your property, as well as managing the basic tasks of your home network. The wireless access point manages the wireless network and features relating to it.

Primary Fibre Router

Accessing Your Primary Fibre Router Settings

Find the IP Address of a Connected Device

Reboot and Factory Reset

Scheduling Device Access

Blocking Websites

Blocking Services

Changing DHCP Settings

Changing Admin Login Credentials

Application Forwarding

Port Forwarding

Firewall Settings

DMZ Settings

UPnP Settings

Wireless Access Point

Accessing Your Wireless Access Point

Find the IP Address of Your Wireless Access Point 

Changing the Name or Password of your Wireless Network

Reboot and Factory Reset

Changing Admin Login Credentials

Connecting a Calix 804 Mesh Extender