There are a few factors that can affect the speed and quality of streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Long "Uptime" Times

Home routers, like any other device on a network, can be affected by the amount of time they've been running. Switching off both of your routers (The wireless access point and the router, typically installed in a utility cupboard by a Purefibre engineer) for 10 minutes and turning them back on can have a drastic affect on streaming services and home network performance overall. It can often fix a number of other issues too!

Other Users on the Home Network

First of all, checking what other devices and users on your home network are doing. If they're using services that require a lot of bandwidth (e.g. streaming, online gaming, video calls) it can affect drastically affect streaming performance.

Peak-Times Nationally

Internet usage can be affected by national traffic, it can slow down all services. Typically the busiest times in the UK are between 7PM and 11PM. There's not a great deal you can do to overcome this.

Wireless Devices

Connecting a device wirelessly can also affect the performance of streaming services. Here are a few factors to check:

  • Use a wired connection if it's an option. This will eliminate all of the problems listed below.
  • Move closer to your wireless access point.
  • Check for interference. This could be from a range of sources including other wireless points in the area, the materials your house is built from, and other devices that can interfere with signal (e.g. Bluetooth devices). For more information, please check our guide on Reducing Wi-Fi Interference.