There is a range of factors that can cause interference to Wi-Fi signal, this guide will help you address some of these problems.

Physical Barriers

The materials your house is made of can affect the quality of your Wi-Fi signal, the more walls and doors between your access point and the device, the poorer the signal received. Here are some of the most common materials and the affect they have. 

MaterialLevel of Interference
Synthetic MaterialLow
MirrorVery High

Other Electronic Devices

Interference can also be created by a variety of electronic devices. Here is a list of some of the most common.

Source of Interference
Wireless DevicesOther devices that broadcast their own wireless signal. These could include Bluetooth devices, wireless speakers, baby monitors, walkie talkies and wireless games controllers. Where possible, moving them away from your wireless point or the wireless device you're using (e.g. Phone, tablet, laptop) will reduce interference.
MicrowavesMicrowaves can cause a lot of interference on the 2.4GHz spectrum. This interference will only occur when the microwave is in operation.
Cordless PhonesCordless phones also cause interference on the 2.4GHz spectrum when they are in use or ringing.
Satellite DishesSatellite dishes that have been wired incorrectly, have older wiring or the wiring has started to deteriorate, can leak signal and cause interference.
Other Wi-Fi NetworksOther Wi-Fi networks broadcasting on the same or overlapping channels can cause interference. By default, the equipment used by Purefibre, changes to the quietest channel in your area. 
RefridgeratorsAs well as being a physical barrier to Wi-Fi, a refrigerator motor can also generate interference on to Wi-Fi. It's advised to move your wireless point away from your refrigerator. 
Monitors & DisplaysMonitors and displays can cause interference, especially affecting 2.4GHz between channels 11 and 14 (Typically, channel 14 isn't used outside of Japan).
Hearing AidsHearing aids can also cause interference if they are very close to the wireless point.
Christmas Tree/Fairy Lights and Fish Tank LightsThese types of lights can cause interference. 
Poorly Shielded CableCables that have started to wear can be another cause of interference. Replacing old and worn cables can reduce this interference.

The Solutions

Here are some suggested solutions:

  • Position your wireless point in a central area of your house.
  • Move wireless devices away from causes of interference.
  • Ensure wireless points and connected devices are updated.
  • Install mesh units to extend Wi-Fi coverage.