This guide only explains how to setup the parental control features of your router. For further information on safeguarding children on the Internet, please visit the following websites for further information:

  • InternetMatters
  • OpenDNS
  • Contact your child's school
  • Call us if you have specific technical questions to parental controls and safeguarding.


Scheduling Access

This allows you to restrict certain devices on certain days and times, allowing to set "Bed times" for certain devices or users.

  1. Select the IP address for the device from the drop-down menu. The IP address for specific devices can be found by either through the web management interface by clicking "Status", "Devices" and checking the "Show Inactive Devices" if the device isn't currently connected. Alternatively, you can find the IP address through the devices wireless connection options.
  2. Next select the days you would like the scheduling to take affect.
  3. Finally, set the times you would like to prevent the device connecting to the Internet.


Creating "bed time" of 9PM until 6AM the following day, you would have to set up two device access instances. One for "All Days" between 21:00 and 24:00 and a second on "All Days" between 00:00 and 06:00.

Service Blocking

This allows you to restrict certain online services such as games and chat programs. 

  1. In the "Service Blocking" window click "New"
  2.  The default services list is fairly dated but you can create a new service by clicking the "New" button
  3.  Give the service a name (e.g. Fortnite). Details for specific games and ports are available on
  4. Select the correct protocol, TCP, UDP or both. (For Fortnite, this would be both)
  5.  Enter the port numbers.
    1. If there is a single port number, add it to both the "Port Start" and "Port End" boxes.
    2. If there is a range of ports between two number, add the smallest number in the "Port Start" box and largest number in the "Port End" box.
  6. Click apply.


To restrict access to Fortnite on a PC or laptop, create a new Service with the following settings:

Name: Fortnite PC (A)

Protocol: TCP/UDP

Port Start: 5222

Port End: 5222

Create a 2nd service with the following settings:

Name: Fortnite PC (B)

Protocol: TCP/UDP

Port Start: 5795

Port End: 5847

Now the services are setup, select your Fortnite PC (A) service, the correct device and click apply. Do the same for the Fortnite PC (B) service.

Website Blocking

This can be used to block specific websites on certain devices. This can be done by clicking the "Website Blocking" option.

  1. Type in the "Website Address" (e.g.
  2. Select the correct device from the "Associate Website With" drop-down menu or type in the IP address.
  3. Click "Apply"