1. Introduction

Purefibre Internet Limited (“Purefibre”) have adopted a philosophy that assumes the honesty and good intent of our subscribers, therefore our services are provided in as unrestricted a manner as possible to allow our users to have the richest internet experience possible.

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) must be read in conjunction with our relevant Terms & Conditions of Service and Code of Practice and may be subject to change from time to time. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with the latest edition of the AUP at any given time. If you have any questions about any of our policies, please contact our Customer Services at support@purefibre.net.

This AUP may be revised, without notice, at any time, at the sole discretion of Purefibre. Submission of Direct Debit details or connection to the service for the first time is deemed to be an agreement to our Terms & Conditions and AUP.

In the event of a breach of this policy, Purefibre reserves the right to terminate your service with immediate effect, without recompense and delete any files held on our servers. 

In addition this document along with our Code of Practice details our policies and safeguards that are in place to protect consumers and ensure fair and safe access to our services. It also outlines our policy towards the fair use of our broadband service and the steps that we might take if your use of the service adversely affects the quality of the service enjoyed by other users on our network.

Nothing in this Code affects your statutory or other legal rights. Whilst the code provides useful guidance as to the manner in which we operate, it does not form part of any contract between Purefibre and customers.

2. General

  • Users may not mount an attack, by whatever means, against our system, or any other systems.
  • Users may not run unauthorised mailing lists from, or through any of our machines, or mail servers.
  • Login names and passwords must be kept secret and not be communicated to any third party. Purefibre must be notified immediately if they are compromised. If someone were to gain access to your account password, they could tamper with your files and your email. If you change your password, please keep a note of it as Purefibre staff cannot gain access to changed passwords.
  • Any attempt to breach the security of any machine is forbidden. Attempting to do so will result in immediate account termination and possible further legal action.
  • Users may not run any program that monitors network packet data or any program that compromises the privacy of network traffic.
  • Purefibre reserve the right to suspend accounts or access to the network during investigation of suspected or potential abuse of this policy.
  • Purefibre customers who engage in abuse of its network and/or the internet will be notified that their behaviour is unacceptable and may have their accounts suspended or terminated if such abuse continues.
  • Purefibre does not tolerate abusive behaviour from anyone and reserves the right to terminate, without notice or refund, the services of any customer who uses abusive, violent, verbally abusive or threatening behaviour towards Purefibre, its staff, customers or other users.

3. Broadband

  • Permanently connected customers that provide their own web servers, email servers, news or any other type of service are totally responsible for those servers/services and their content.
  • You are responsible for the content and communications accessed on your home network. Help is available on Purefibre Helpdesk for parental controls.
  • You should ensure that you are aware of any laws regarding any material you are sharing or distributing, including copyright laws. If you are breaking the law, we will co-operate with the relevant authorities and may also suspend or disconnect your service.
  • Broadband customers are required not to use the supplied connection for illegal purposes; this includes copyright violation and/or the transmission of illegal material.
  • The user agrees to refrain from sending or receiving any material which may be deemed to be offensive, abusive, indecent, hard-core, related to terrorism and radicalisation, paedophile pornography, defamatory, obscene, menacing or as prohibited by current and future law. Purefibre reserve the right to disconnect or suspend your service.
  • Users may not download or store illegal copies of commercial software. If commercial software is stored on our hard disk, we will delete the files and immediately terminate your service without recompense.[MW1]
  • You must not gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access to any computer system(s) for any purpose. This is classed as a breach of this AUP and also such action may lead to criminal prosecution under the Computer Misuse Act.
  • You are prohibited from running port scanning or other software which is intended to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of remote systems or networks except in circumstances where the remote network administrator has given express permission for this to be done.

4. Email

  • Sending and receiving email involves the same responsibilities as would be used when sending or receiving any other form of communication – written or printed mail etc. Most users fully understand what would be considered appropriate and acceptable when communicating with others and apply these considerations to their use of email.
  • You should not send emails that may cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to the recipient.
  • You should not send any emails likely to cause distress, or any material which is classed of offensive, indecent, obscene, menacing or in any way unlawful.
  • You must not use false mail headers or alter the headers of email messages in such a way as to conceal the identity of the sender.
  • You must ensure that any email servers connected to our network and/or owned by you are not configured to allow open SMTP email relays.

5. Fair Use

  • As the broadband service we offer is delivered on a contended basis, a number of customers could be sharing the bandwidth at the same time.
  • Consequently the sending or downloading very large files or the use of ‘peer-to-peer’ and file sharing software (which itself may result in the transfer of very large files) is likely to have an adverse impact on the service quality for all users sharing that bandwidth. This results in a slower response for everyone accessing the internet or sending and receiving emails, especially at peak times.
  • Although the vast majority of subscribers use their service considerately and their usage levels during peak hours do not disproportionately affect the shared network capacity, a very small number of subscribers using the service inappropriately can greatly affect the service. We therefore ask all subscribers to refrain from inappropriate use to ensure that the service can be used fairly by everyone.
  • If you regularly use the service inappropriately during peak hours, and we believe this is unfairly affecting other customers’ use of the service, we reserve the right to manage your bandwidth during peak times, which could result in reduced service speeds.
  • If you continue to use your service inappropriately we reserve the right to end your agreement with us and will give you notice before doing so.
  • While this policy applies to all our domestic and small business customers, it will only actually affect you if you’re one of the very few customers who make inappropriate use of the service. If you don’t use peer-to-peer, file sharing or other inappropriate software and you are not, for example, constantly downloading or uploading videos or very large files, you are unlikely to be affected by this policy.

6. Technical Support

  • Technical support exists for the benefit of Purefibre customers, providing support for questions relating directly to our services. Technical support is here to provide the best service possible to our customers, but can, at times, be stretched by having to answer unnecessary calls or emails. When contacting Technical Support, please have all relevant details to hand.
  • Many common technical issues can be fixed by visiting Purefibre Helpdesk.
  • If the problem doesn’t directly involve the Internet connection, for example – how do I send an email, how do I change the first page that is displayed when my web browser starts etc., this is a function of the particular software application (e.g. the mail program, web browser etc.). Please explore the various settings, options or use the in-built help menu (in the program you require help for) for instructions on such procedures. Before contacting us for support, you are obliged to check other documentation for answers to your question. This includes:
  • Documentation that was supplied with your account.
  • Our support web pages.

The Code of Practice policy was reviewed and updated on 1st May 2019




[MW1]Still relevant?